A.M. Golden Accountancy Corporation has a proven record of success and years of experience providing quality, reliable, and timely litigation support services to attorneys and their clients. Mr. Golden and his staff of professionals understand that your priority is to resolve disputes.

Our litigation support and expert witness services assists attorneys in a variety of business disputes and business litigation cases. When compiling an effective legal team, it is vital to choose top-notch litigation support services and expert witness testimony professionals. Winning a case depends on supporting your argument or position.

We have provided litigation support & expert witness services since our formation in 1989. When it comes to business, we can assist you in the following areas:

  • Business Disputes & Litigation
  • Business Appraisal & Business Valuation Services
  • Lost Profit, Economic & Financial Damage Litigation
  • Lost Earnings - Personal Injury & Wrongful Termination
  • Buy, Sell & Merger Transactions
  • Investor Funding & Capital Raises
  • Estate, Gift & Income Tax Issues
  • Fraud Prevention, Detection & Investigation
  • IRS Matters