AMG is a full service CPA firm, specializing in CFO Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation Services, Forensic Accounting, Divorce & Family Law, Expert Witness, Accounting & Taxes and Fraud Prevention.

Full Service CPA Firm

Our Services

We have a proven record of success and years of experience providing quality, reliable and timely litigation support services to attorneys and their clients.

Services include preparation of all federal and state tax returns.

We will help your business achieve its financial goals by analyzing your current situation and state of affairs and developing a plan of action.

We provide full time and part time CFO services including financial consulting, critical planning, problem solving and tax services.

Our services cover the entire area of family law litigation support with a focus on forensic accounting and valuation principles.

We have the experience and education needed to offer expert witnesses testimony for depositions, court, mediated settlements and arbitration.

Our efforts involve litigation support in the calculation of economic damages and investigative accounting for potential fraudulent transactions and activities.

Our services are applied in a variety of situations, such as, embezzlement by employees, discovering hidden assets, various fraud and kickback schemes, etc.